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We store almost everything digitally: photos of the birth of the children, videos of the last family vacation and important documents such as the student research project, invoices or contracts. If the files can no longer be found due to accidental deletion or a hardware malfunction, it's a huge distress. But there are still possibilities to rescue the data: Create a request  or call us now! Together with our experienced partner we will do everything to recover your data.



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    • On Saturday I had to finish my bachelor thesis. After the texts were finally finished on Friday, I failed because of the formatting with Word. Again and again pictures and texts were moved. Despite searching and trying, I became more and more desperate and called WiSiDO in my distress. After the registration they connected to my PC via remote support and implemented the formatting according to my wishes. What was perfectly implemented in 30 minutes would have taken me hours.

      Thomas D., 24

    • Since my grandkids emigrated to the United States, I don't see them that often anymore. WiSiDO helped me set up Skype and suggested a suitable camera. Since then America has moved much closer to Basel and I can see now again how both of them are growing up.

      Urs B., 68

    • For my administrative work I usually needed a lot of forms and so I bought a printer. But when I set it up, not everything works as it showed in the manual and I didn't know what to do next. The WiSiDO employee connected to my PC within 15 minutes and was finsihed the setup.

      Jessica K., 45

    • Merci WiSiDO! For my new laptop, I didn't want to trust the statements of a seller. At first you took my requirements and needs into account and looked together with me which software i use. Finally the change was no drama! Merci also for setting up the backup.

      Valerie D., 33